Thank you for all the virtual instruction.  We enjoying listening in and really appreciate the way you work with Micah.


Thank you so much for lessons this year!  David and Tasha really enjoyed learning more about drums and cajon.  I am so thankful for the impact you have had in all of our kids’ lives.  Whenever they pick up an instrument to learn more, I know your teaching style gave them the confidence to explore and learn!

carolyn h.

Sean has been teaching 3 of my children, as well as my father for 4 years now. He has taught them in school as well as privately. He has taught them, guitar, bass, and drums, as well as theory. His passion for music and his love of people comes across in his teaching. He is patient, and motivating. He has helped to develop a true appreciation for music in all of family, ages 9-74. Sean is capable of teaching all instruments, all age levels, and all skill levels. I would recommend him to everyone.

susan h.

Sean is an inspiring teacher who makes the kids love to play. Sean’s music classes he teaches at our school are very popular and he is one of our favorite teachers. He is enthusiastic and is a real asset to us.

scott s.

I would surely recommend Sean as a music teacher to anyone who wants to play music. His forte is drums, but he is also well versed in guitar, bass, and theory. My son has been taking drum lessons for many years now. He still has things to show and adapt to my sons playing. I’m sure he will be teaching my son for many more years to come.

todd d.

I have had the opportunity to play music with Sean for the past 7+ years. We have had many discussions about this most pure and joyful endeavor. Sean’s dedication to music instruction is quite evident. I believe he brings a certain “x factor” to his students that will not only serve them in the real world of music performance, but in life as well. I can say this as I have met and performed with many of his students in actual performance situations. His students always seem to carry themselves with honor and integrity … and they rock out too!

julie k.

Sean is an amazing individual who exhibits professionalism, dedication, and passion to his students. My son, Tucker has been taking guitar lessons from Sean since 6th grade and is now in high school still playing and a member of Melting Gift, a band that Sean also manages. He truly embraces the concept that teaching not only builds skill, but confidence, responsibility, and commitment. I feel very fortunate to have Sean as a teacher and mentor for Tucker.

paul s.

As a fellow music educator, I have worked side by side with Sean as well as had some of my students get supplemental ensemble work with him. Sean is a talented multi instrumentalist, a fine band leader and great motivator of young people. I heartily recommend him with his versatility,enthusiasm and experience. He has a passion for musical knowledge and group music making that is inspiring.

ryder c.

I am actually a student of Sean’s, and have been one for 6 years now. I started in 6th grade because I needed to learn to play bass for my middle school symphony. Since then, Sean has taught me how to play bass, drums, guitar, and sing better. He has also become a manager for our band, The Melting Gift, and we have managed to play over 30 shows that Sean helped us set up. Sean is a great teacher, he teaches at the pace and level that you want to go at, the rates are reasonable, and he is willing to work with you on whatever you want to work on. I wouldn’t choose any other teacher in Eugene, Sean’s Music Study is the way to go.

darla r.

Sean Brennan is an enthusiastic teacher who taught at my son’s pace while encouraging him and broadening his understanding of his instrument, as well as music in general. I feel that the amount I pay per lesson is fair based on what I might have paid to other local music schools and private instructors. I am very happy with Sean’s instruction and plan to enroll my youngest son in guitar lessons later this year. I haven’t tried music camp but I am considering enrolling both of my sons this summer.